What are the ways that my credit affects me?

   You probably spend a lot of time wondering how my credit affects me. Have you ever been late making a payment on a bill? This is what is called a black mark on your credit report and it means that you have a higher credit risk. This black mark stays in your report, even when you have made the payment on the bill. What happens is that when you are then applying for credit, the lender will go through your credit report hunting for any of these black marks. This will help them make a decision as to whether they should lend you what you are asking for, or decide that it is not worth the risk. With our credit repair, you can remove these black marks so that it is easier for you to get credit when you need to.

When credit affects me we use credit repair. It is a process of correcting inaccuracies, redundancies and unverifiable information on your credit report, generally you could say that this process is aimed at fixing past mistakes or rather a bad credit report which was disoriented for whatsoever reason. Guess you are already thinking if it is possible to fix a credit report? Well, my answer is a yes and it is no magic neither are the claims to clear your debts. Through the process of credit repair. First and foremost, the credit report has to be thoroughly checked for any abnormalities then and if found, a dispute letter for the abnormal or unverified item is created and sent to the credit bureau for confirmation which could take a period of 30 days (45 days for special cases). This whole process could be tedious and the waiting period could also be frustrating but you must be persistent because it is worth it when you see the outcome and the effect of the result on your credit score.