Day 1
REGISTER. Gain access to your account and receive private access password to current inventory and financial downloads. You also receive your account number and proof of payment when made.
Day 3
Receive either CPN profile information or Tradeline upload information or both depending on your account status
Day 3-45
LOGIN to your account to track the status of your; CPN SCN number, get updates on credit approvals, check the posting dates of your tradelines, update account information and request and pay for additional services.
Day 30-45
Your CPN SCN accounts have been established! You are now monitoring your new credit score for FREE through Credit Karma as well as you have opened up a checking (no savings) account to pay off the balances of your new accounts.
Day 60
After the second payment on any credit card account contact your credit issuer and request for a credit line increase. Then every 60 days after that also make request to get your available credit as high as possible.
Day 90
Start shopping around for credit cards and then apply. Based on the credit line increases you have and your overall available credit your credit cards will start getting approved at much much higher starting credit limits.
Tip #1
Download a reminder app on your smart phone to coincide with your new / past billing dates (set it 5 days ahead of any due date and pay 5 days ahead). Auto "point jumps" go to individuals that report responsible debt management. iPhone | Android Reminder APP's
Tip #2
Keep credit card balances under 30%. If you need more credit apply for more credit cards don't go over a 30% balance on any current card.
Tip #3
When paying off cards with a SCN (Secondary Credit Number) or CPN (Credit Privacy Number) number get a Fidelity Cash Management Account or a debit card like Account Now so you can get approved with your CPN or SCN profile information and start paying off the new credit you get as soon as possible. ***Note: The acronyms SCN & CPN are two ways of describing the same number. Both SCN & CPN are the same number, not two different numbers.
Tip #4
Do you now have aged accounts of 6 months or more without (1) late payment? If so give us a call and let us show you how to make money off your personal or business credit with zero liability.
Tip #5
It is recommended to keep your financial success under wraps for at least a year until you become confident with your new accounts and responsible financial management. If you tell friends and family to quickly about your success you may try to show off and buy expensive items like cars, phones, and other electronics or house goods you may not really. Following this recommendation will keep your stress levels low and even so as to appropriately manage your new fiscal directions.