Theresa May: Trump was 'wrong' to retweet far-right posts

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has said Donald Trump was “wrong” to retweet posts from a British far-right group.But she stressed the “special relationship” between Britain and the US was “in both our nations’ interests” and should continue. And she rejected calls to cancel a state visit by the US president. Speaking on a visit to Jordan, she said: “An invitation for a state visit has been extended and has been accepted. We have yet to set a  date.”Quizzed about Mr Trump’s tweets, she said: “The fact that we work together does not mean that we’re afraid to say when we think the United States has got it wrong, and be very clear with them. “And I’m very clear that retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do.” The BBC’s deputy political editor John Pienaar said in his blog that “managing a calm and stable relationship with a president like Donald Trump looks like a task that’s well beyond Theresa May – and arguably – anyone else”. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she agreed with Theresa May’s criticism of Mr Trump, but thought she should go further and halt plans for a state visit next year.

‘Hold back’

Mr Trump’s retweeting of posts by a far-right group “risks legitimising those who want to spread fear and hatred,” Ms Sturgeon said, and was “completely unacceptable”. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he thought the state visit which would see Mr Trump being hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle was “unlikely to go ahead in the event that he does come to Britain”. He added that Mr Trump would be welcome to visit a mosque in Finsbury Park, in his north London constituency, to learn about the “diversity of our society and the sense of inclusivity”. And he offered the US president some advice on tweeting, saying it was best to “hold yourself back” and “restrict yourself to two or three tweets a day”. On Wednesday the US president retweeted three videos posted by the British far-right group. When a Downing Street spokesman said he had been “wrong” to do so the president hit back: .@Theresa_May, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!

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