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New CPN File & Tradeline

  • New CPN File Fully Processed & Tri-Merged Scn ! 50% Down Option of $350 (total $700) Up to $10,000 in available credit limits will be issued on this file. 1 X AU (Authorized User)/Tradeline $1k-4K * THIS PURCHASE IS FULLY PROCESSED with Tri-merge and credit bureau processed through Experian, Equifax, & Trans Union. *Safe Scan, Choice Point and Lexis Nexis Clear. With Tradeline & Credit Ready. Perfect for the person looking to advance there financial portfolio.
  • Skiptraced * This purchase is guaranteed; Enjoy comfort knowing your Scn number is unused by anyone as a credit profile number in the Fico bureaus.
  • Tradeline Gurenteed to get your credit score registered and start applying for credit cards. Get your credit score in 30-40 business days, total file time 45-60 business days.

À la carte Tradelines

  • Already have a CPN/SCN or you want to add a tradeline to your SSN? We will need 4 pieces of information to get started.
What is a Tradeline? CLICK HERE
  • See our Tradeline Inventory for accounts and pricing
Tradelines need to be put on 5 days prior to the statement date on the account you are interested in. Email us TODAY for a list of our fresh trades! some text