Share Your Good Credit - GET PAID!



This program is absolutely FREE to join! The way we see it, you’ve already done the hard part by maintaining good credit with one of our CPN packages you purchased from us or credit from your SSN for so long why not make money off of the great credit you have earned! As long as you qualify with a credit card that has never had a late payment, you may start earning a solid income as early as this month!

We pay our cardholders anywhere from $500 – $1000++ per month to lease Authorized User spots on their eligible credit cards.

To maximize the benefit to our credit beneficiaries, we require credit cards enrolled in this program to have at least six months of perfect payment history and less than 30% balance.

New CPN File leverages many years of experience in the credit piggybacking industry to create a program that would serve the needs of users on both sides of a credit sharing program. We are an industry leader not only in experience and the credit beneficiary base, but – of equal importance – in honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service. Currently, the bank credit cards that are eligible for this program are :share-your-credit-piggybacking-credit-cards-fico-score-scn-cpn-number


Contact us now to see how much you can make with your credit cards!

Do you have any good credit cards or know of any family/friends that have good credit cards that we can add to our inventory? If so, we are currently offering YOU A $400 bonus for each cardholder you refer to us that joins our program.

Risk Free

When we call our program “Risk Free”, we mean it.

Your identity and credit card information is kept strictly confidential. Even with a new credit beneficiary added as an authorized user on your credit card, the credit beneficiary cannot use the cardholder’s card. Contact us today to find out how much you can expect to earn per month with your credit card!


Credit cards (tradelines) must have perfect payment history and utilization under 30%. The age of card needs to be at least 6 months.