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New Client File Registration

Common questions people have when providing their details:

  • For all services besides CPN services please just use your regular information.
  • Your name: We need your legal first and last name (no middle initial or suffix).
  • Your email address: Since we already received your current email address when you registered we will now need a brand new email address to use with your new CPN file. Great FREE email providers who don’t need a phone number to sign up are:,, and
  • New phone number: You can use any smartphone app that provides the ability to make and receive calls as well as receive text messages. There are times when a credit issuer or other service may require a phone verification. You could buy a $10 phone from Walmart and a $10 minutes card for it so you know what the calls are regarding since that phone would only ring for your CPN file communications or if you are app savvy then you can go with “TextNow” or another app that provides the service you need to manage your new CPN file.
  • Date of Birth: Your date of birth.
  • Address: The USPS address forward will be done from the home address we give you on your new file to any forwarding address you provide. If your current address has credit notices coming from your SSN account that’s OK, the mail database is not a credit reference database so your file will not merge. You can use any address that you want and you will get you credit cards and correspondence.TIP: It helps to make all of your accounts paperless.


***Your new CPN file will be handled with the utmost discretion. The only two parties that will have your completed CPN profile data will be our administration and yourself. We do not upload your CPN file data to our servers so there is no way for any unwanted parties to collect it by nefarious means.

  • The law affords all Americans many consumer protections, regarding their credit. At New CPN File, we help you understand those rights, and leverage them to help ensure that you have a fair, accurate, and substantiated new secondary credit file in as short a time as possible.

  •  With good credit you get the lowest interest rates thus saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in a lifetime in interest than if you have bad credit – not to mention the life of new cars, homes, and unlimited cash loans to buy Corporations, Business and Real Estate.  

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