CPN File Address Forward


Address Forward


OK so you paid for a New CPN File and you want to make sure you get the credit cards and physical correspondence from the credit card issuers (A.K.A. Credit Cards).

*** Special Note:  Address forward needs to be done by you since it is illegal for anyone to do for you.


Make it Temporary

Well the first thing you need to know is doing an address forward is a potential flag for identity theft when doing an application for credit shortly after the address forward.

So how can you get past this? Make the address forward TEMPORARY!

When the address forward is made temporary and not peppermint the credit bureaus are not notified of the address forward and the applications for credit cards are not flagged for identity theft.


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Go Forward

When filling out the change of address your CPN file home address will be the “old address” and where you actually want to receive the mail will be the “new” or forwarding address. 

You can go to the post office and do it for free or go online and do it for $1.05

Make the forward for an Individual and set for 6 months with the calendar.

The reason you may want to go to the post office and do it and not online is;

  1. You don’t have a debit card that has a billing address associated with the forwarding address of the address forward you are doing (dont worry about using SSN debit card here – no merge)

  2. You don’t have $1.05 in which case it is even more important that you manage your new CPN file responsibly so you can get access to credit, cash and great FICO Credit Score benefits.


Don t Get Merged

So you might think that if you send your mail to your home address that is associated with your SSN profile that your SSN profile and your CPN file will merge and then result in both files reflecting the FICO credit Score of the lowest score file. Not true!

As long as you do the address forward correctly and only use the information on applications associated with your CPN file you will be fine.

Since the address forward was set to temporary you will be fine.


Confirmation for the Future

Make sure to keep the confirmation number from the address forward so you can update your forward if need be.

When ever you get approved or do address forwards or anything else with your new CPN file be sure to add a notes section in the document under your new CPN file information so you can have all the notations available at any time so you make sure you have all your logins codes and confirmations in one place and don’t get them mixed up with your SSN profile data.

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