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***Once you have purchased enough BTC/Bitcoin to cover the cost of your package let us know and we will give you our Bitcoin wallet address to transfer to from your Bitcoin wallet.

***If you are unable to pay with Paxful please know;

Since February 1st all Merchant processors have made it impossible for CPN and credit repair companies to open Merchant accounts to process payments.

You can go to PayPal or any Merchant processor and notice that they have added credit repair and CPN services to the types of business that they cannot provide processing too.

Since that time we’ve only been able to accept payments via bank wire or bank deposit for payment on our services.

Of course we understand not feeling comfortable with that however please keep in mind we’ve been in business for 12 years and we have helped thousands of people establish new credit and business profiles.

If you’re interested further feel free to fill the form above and we can provide the banking details.

Any time you make a payment be sure to take a picture of the receipt for both of our records so we can verify the deposit and start providing services to you.