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*If paying by Credit Card the charge to your card is not immediate. Please expect it processed within 24 hours.

**If selecting the “Two Payments” option the second payment will not be processed until after we have contacted you for authorization and we know you are happy with service so far.

**The balance payment is responsible for adding the tradelines on the CPN package that you choose. The sooner you are able to pay your balance the sooner we can add your tradelines and get your credit score posted.

***On average tradelines post and we see your credit score 2 weeks after balance is paid.

****The reason we provide a 50% down payment option for our services;

  1. So you can see our performance before making the balance payment so you see how apparent it is that we are providing exceptional service.

Please keep in mind we’ve been in business for 12 years and we have helped thousands of people establish new Credit Files, Business Credit Funding and CPN Software Training as well as being featured on the top news outlets in the country.

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