Get Smart About Credit

While 580, 720 and 835 are just numbers, when associated with credit, they carry a lot of weight. To get a home you will need a credit score over 580 at least for the most forgiving loan but generally over 620 for most loans. These are the bare minimum credit requirements for getting a mortgage. The higher the credit score the better the interest rate you will have and the less you will end up paying. If you have poor credit we have a great program to improve your credit score to mortgage ready in just six months. It’s time to get smart about credit!

You hear about the great credit cards rewards programs available today and are tempted to apply. Mortgage rates have never been lower. However, you may have a vague knowledge pricking the back of your mind that your credit is not quite up to snuff. Or maybe you know about your bad credit, but the discovery was an unpleasant surprise: your credit circumstances are not your fault or were outside of your control. Credit repair is not just for the irresponsible or debt ridden; it is often a necessity for an American of average circumstances. There are many reasons why credit can become damaged other than the non-payment of bills. Credit repair is a lifestyle change, one that requires you to see the world through new eyes and search for lessons in ordinary circumstances. To get smart about credit is your first step in the credit repair world!