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Is your FICO Credit Score below 725?

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Have you been depressed for months even years, or even worse, decades because you didn’t know what you were  doing when handling your credit score or credit card accounts / trade-lines in your youth?

Well, New CPN File will help you clear your name and give you a fresh new credit file to start over with while providing you step by step guidance and support along the way.


Question we get all the time: “Hey, why doesn’t the mainstream media or education institutions provide this very valuable and legal way to start a new credit file and give the public a second chance credit advantage?

Answer: Unfortunately because of MONEY! Even though the 1974 privacy act dictates the consumer has a right to facilitate a new secondary credit number or CPN (credit privacy number) on their behalf it is not commercially advertised by banks schools etc because credit issuers and lenders would loose millions upon millions of dollars on interest rates and points off of millions of consumer contracts.

So what is a hardworking American citizen suppose to do huh? Keep borrowing from family and friends looking like a looser while eking out a crappy existence on food stamps and social services?


Finance is a game, more than that it is a game that is protected by the HAVES while the have-not’s hope they get lucky and somehow make it out of the trenches someday.couple

Well I am here to tell you STOP Messing AROUND!!!

Take time away from work, family and life to invest in yourself and your financial future. You can literally change your perception that you have of your financial profile and circumstances over a weekend and begin educating yourself and building a new life for yourself or your kids as well as family and friends.

Be the person everyone else goes to for financial advice, begin to pay it forward by helping others in their financial needs and goals while building the empire you so richly deserve.

YOLO = You Only Live Once

Call us! lets get you back on track with a new credit file while also cleaning up your personal credit.

Our promise to you:

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