Credit Sweep Guide

.Why are we giving away a FREE CREDIT SWEEP!?

  1. To clean your credit with other companies you need 6-12 months of consistent effort only to achieve mediocre results. Want us to do a total sweep for you? LEARN MORE
  2. Even though getting credit inquires removed is relatively easy, other accounts not so much.
  3. Once you experience the frustration of credit repair from other companies and the very expensive cost of it we are confident you will seek a New CPN File from us and or a credit sweep. Call us TODAY to start a new credit file that will have you in good shape with high credit limits.
  4. If you are going to spend $2,000 – 5,000 on credit repair services over the course of 6 months to a year why not start a new credit file while managing your personal credit in the meantime?
  5. Benefits: Have double the borrowing power. Get triple the borrowing power with a new LLC using your CPN as a PG (personal Guarantor) on the LLC. You will be able to get a bank account with bad personal credit if you have an LLC. Ask us how! LEARN MORE



Equifax Credit Sweep Process:

This is a very aggressive approach designed for those who want to get massive results and get their credit file ready for funding in the shortest time possible.

*** Keep in mind this sweep is only for (1) of the (3) credit bureaus***mimg4


Takes 21-30 days to see the results from this.

Step by Step

1. Go to: and open a dispute.

2. Dispute all addresses regardless if you have lived there or not. Dispute reason? “Belongs to someone with a similar name”

3. Next click the negative items tab. Find and dispute all derogatory accounts.

4. Finally click the “Dispute Summary” and submit your investigation. You will receive a confirmation number, keep it.

5. You will get updates of the investigation by the email you used with Equifax with links to check the status.

6. You will begin to see deletion of accounts if not all disputed accounts in the first 21-30 days.

Enjoy the deletions 🙂

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