FICO Score

It’s a little funny to think so much of your financial well-being rides on a simple three digit FICO score. Yet there’s nothing simple about the way the biggest financial institutions determine this number. The Fair Isaac and Company (you’ll know them better as FICO) relies on an elaborate credit scoring algorithm to place you into one of five categories: bad, poor, fair, good, and excellent. By name alone, you know you don’t want bad credit. What’s less obvious is how easy it is to sink into this rating.  Just a few bad decisions can lead you to a score that closes the doors to many essential financial opportunities. If you’re worried that your financial habits are doing more harm than good, take a look at this guide and avoid these common mistakes.

CPN numbers are a second chance in the credit game. A secondary credit number(SCN) is a nine-digit number that has the exact same genetic makeup of a Social Security Number. A CPN Number (Credit Privacy Number) / SCN Number (Secondary Credit Number) is a unique nine digit identification number that can be used to report financial information to all three credit bureaus. A CPN NUMBER / SCN Number is registered with the Three Credit Reporting Bureaus the process to do so called TRI-Merge (Submitting your personal information & the CPN / SCN to the 3 credit bureaus) and after that you will be able to have payments and financial information reported to.