Equifax Data Breach of 143 Million People: What It Means For You

Were you a victim of the Equifax Data Breach? Millions of Americans have had personal and financial information stolen in an incredibly large security breach at Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus. Cyber criminals may have accessed information for as many as 143 million consumers in the U.S., including their social security numbers, names, birth dates, and addresses. A smaller percentage of those individuals may also have had their credit card information stolen.Think this data breach doesn’t apply to you? Think again. If you have any type of credit product, such as a credit card, auto loan, or mortgage, then there’s a large chance you could be included in the group of affected individuals. With 143 million amounting to about half of the American population, there’s close to a 50-50 chance that your information has been compromised. You need to protect your personal information!

A CPN Number or SCN Number is separate from your Social Security Number (SSN). It helps to protect one’s Social Security Number (SSN) from various internet threats such as identity theft. These numbers can be used in place of the Social Security Number (SSN) when an individual applies for credit. You can use your new credit profile obtain major credit cards, department store cards, gas cards, auto loans, bank loans, real estate, and any other type of financing you desire.