Credit Report

Do you have a credit report? If you’ve ever opened an account, borrowed money from a bank or registered lender, then you have a credit report. Your credit report can best be described as your financial CV. The scary thing about this “CV” is that you don’t get to write it. It is written, in a sense, by all your creditors. What they say about you, as a consumer of credit, is recorded on your credit report. So, if you’ve been late in paying an account, skipped payments or stopped paying an account, this information will be noted on your profile. So why should I care? If your report has a lot of negative information, you will have a low credit score, which is like a bad reputation among credit providers. It means you’re considered a risky or a high-risk consumer of credit, and that’s going to cost you.

We can help you clean your credit report! We remove all the negative items (Equifax, Experian, Transunion) Charge-offs, Collections, Late payments, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Repos, Judgments, Evictions, Child Support, Tax Liens, Short Sales, Student Loans and Much More! We remove all negative items and keep on all the positive items. This program will have your personal credit profile as good as new in about 60 days.