CPN, Shelf Corps, Business Funding, from $5K-2M

Get a Fresh New Start


This is how it works:mimg2
Your 9 digit CPN will be issued right away.
The next step is to add 1-3 tradelines that will take about 30 days to post.
This will secure a credit score of 705-770 on all 3 credit bureaus
The final step is to secure your funding.

Credit Issuers
Credit cards which are used to fund include AMEX, Bank of America, Barclay, Capital One, Citibank,
Discover, Federal Credit Unions, etc.
Funding is done online with CPN friendly lenders. There are no limitations on how to use the funds.
Processing time for the high funding CPN products is 45-60 days.
Once completed, a success fee of 15% will be deducted from all funding secured.

Package includes Articles of Corporation, Letter of Good Standing, Business References, 3-5 Page
Website, Corporate Tax ID#, & Corporate Domain and Email.
We will set up a virtual office for you with a recurring monthly cost of $145 which is the client’s
responsibility after funding. Time frame is 90-120 days. A 15% success fee will be charged on funding.

635+ Credit Score Business at Least 6Mnths Old Funding Up To $50K
705+ Credit Score Business at Least 3Yrs Old Funding $100K+
735+ Credit Score Business at Least 3Yrs Old Funding $150K+
Business Start Up Funding Starting at $25K is also Available
Unsecured Line of Credit $300K+ is also Available

We offer financing up to 2 Million at 95% LTV
Interest rates are low, typically no greater than 10%.
You can qualify for this program, even with less than perfect credit, so long as there is not a current lien or open bankruptcy.

Other Funding Types include:
Merchant Cash Advances
Business Lines of Credit
Business Capital Loans
Short Term/Bridge Loans
Equipment/Office Leasing
Unsecured Business Loans
Low Credit Business Loans
A.C.H Loans
Processing time is 15 business days.

We also can provide vehicle financing, credit card debt elimination, business funding AND lines of credit. Credit Repair is also available. We can remove tax liens, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and more!!