Corporations Timeline


Week 1

  1. Filing of and transfer of corp ownership to your name with Dun & Bradstreet.
  2. Secretary of State, IRS EIN, and Dunn’s Number acquired
  3. Corporate identity established and set up
  4. Website, phones, logo’s, address set and mail forwarding

Week 2

  1. Receive full corporation documents and registration with all 3 party entities
  2. Send off for Dunn & Bradstreet tradelines to be added
  3. Dunn and bradstreet does investigation
  4. Verification of tradelines and approval
  5. Dunn and Bradstreet loads tradelines on to corp giving paydex 80
  6. Register corp with other bureaus and 411 listing
  7. Prepare corp for submission to banks

Week 3

  1. Receive round one of funding’s

Week 4

  1. Recipe round one in funding if delay in Dunn and Bradstreet
  2. Receive round 1 of funding if a week delay in credit card payment (only if backed up on merchant account)
  3. Round 2 of funding begins

Week 5-6

  1. Round 3 of funding
  2. Decide to continue rounds of funding or buy another corporation