6 Secrets of People with PERFECT Credit Scores

Hey there! Is your credit score above 800? If not, we got you, check out theSECRETS below of people who have 800+ credit scores.  This is tried and true information that I see EVERYDAY with our cardholders! 

6 Secrets of People with PERFECT Credit Scores 

Secret #1. They have an Aged Tradeline at least 15 years or older. 
Older aged tradelines and higher credit limits correlate to bigger credit score increases. So closing old accounts will decrease your account age. Leave accounts open, AND use them once a year so the bank does not close them due to inactivity. Afterall, you must have credit, in order to have a credit score…. 

Secret #2.  They DONT have ANY late payments on their credit report. 
Payments more than 30 days late can show on your credit report, and they willHAUNT you for 7 to 10 years if you don’t take action. People with credit scores above 800 do not have any late payments showing on their credit report. It’s just not usually possible because re-payment history is the largest portion of your credit score. Even one late payment can drag your score down over 130 points. 

Secret #3. Their debt utilization is under 10%. 
Within your credit monitoring site, go to the ‘credit factors’ section. It will tell you exactly what your utilization is. If your debt over 30% utilization, your score is automatically dinged. This should be as low as possible. If you are unable to pay down debts, then  a high credit limit authorized user tradeline will balance out your utilization. 

Secret #4. There are NO collection accounts or negative public records.
Making payments on time means collections and public records do NOT appear unless it’s a mistake, which actually happens a lot. You need to keep your EYE on your credit report to ensure there aren’t inaccurate accounts on your report. If you have any negatives on your credit report, then you need a professional credit sweep. Not where you “do it yourself” kind of thing, which then will make things worse for you in the long run. 

Secret #5. They have at least 10 – 20+ revolving tradelines on their credit report. 
They have a mix of credit cards, auto tradelines, a mortgage, student loans, personal loans… These are incredible to have on your credit report if you re-pay responsibly. If you don’t have many tradelines, you should purchase authorized user tradelines as well as certain credit boosting Primary Tradelines you can get in your own name (get with me for my approved list). The more accounts, the more solid your credit report will be.  
Secret #6They keep credit inquiries to a minimum, usually under 10 on each credit bureau.

Now you know! Use this as fuel that there is hope for everyone. Striving for an 800+ credit score is admirable, but you can still get approvals and great interest rates with scores in the 700’s. We can help expedite your path to credit success. 
If you have anything negative on your credit report, don’t wait around 7 – 10 years for that stuff to fall off while you live a miserable credit existence. Simply getting a Credit Sweep will help solve and minimize this problem for you.
You also don’t have to wait 15 years to build up your positive credit accounts. Simply adding Authorized User Tradelines will solve this problem for you almost overnight. We can help you select the right tradelines based on your outcome. 
P.S. Do you have any questions? Let us know.