$125,000 in Business Funding


Business Credit Building Package


Average in the short term funding is 50k+ in traditional business credit cards and $75,000 – $125,000 in hardsample_2-248x300-248x300 money or conventional lending contract financing for real-estate or for the company to use as the manager sees fit. All our business build-out’s get business tradlines added to them to assure commercial credit and underwriting approvals!

Did you know that if you buy an aged shelf corp that when you file the amendments with the secretary of state that all credit accounts get reset to ZERO on the corp?

PLEASE don’t fall for the, “Our corporations are credit ready” pitch. Aged or not legally the corp maybe credit ready, FOR THE ORIGINAL OWNER, but if that was the case, why in the HECK would they be selling it? 

What we provide for you;

  1. Business Credit Builder Program
  2. Minimum 2 business tradelines to assure commercial approvals
  3. Register new LLC with Secretary of State or clean up established LLC
  4. Create DUNS profile and validate (30 days)
  5. 20 Point Compliance Checklist to Meet Credibility Standards
  6. We will facilitate a combination of Commercial lines of credit and hard money loans for you
  7. Business website with 3 months free hosting (you supply domain name)
  8. Business 800 number with call menu and email accounts
  9. 411 Listing Setup
  10. EIN Setup Access
  11. Business Name and Address Approval Criteria Check
  12. Business Bank Account Approval Criteria Check
  13. Top 10 online Business Listings like Google, Yahoo etc.
  14. Fix Inaccuracies on your Business Credit Reports
  15. Business Credit Report and Score Training
  16. Setting Up Your Initial Business Credit Reports
  17. Experian Smart Business Access with Ongoing Access
  18. Starter Vendors to Build Initial Business Credit
  19. Store Business Credit Sources with Underwriting Guidelines
  20. Cash Credit Sources Including Visa and MasterCard
  21. 12 Months of Business Credit Advising Services
  22. Finance Qualifier
  23. Access to Funding Programs and Lenders
  24. SBA, Alternative SBA, and Private Lender Program Access
  25. Cash-flow Financing and Merchant Advance Lender Program Access
  26. Collateral and Asset-Based Lender Program Access

Payment Options;

Make a Single Payment

or (2) Payments of